Where Rodents Party

What’s under your house? For most people the thought of crawling under their house is repulsive. Everyone knows that there are creepy, crawly things down there.rodent damage sacramento

From a home inspector’s point of view, the worst enemies in a crawlspace are water and rodents. These two conditions can do more damage than anything else. During a recent home inspection, the crawlspace looked like it had been decorated for Halloween.

As cooler weather approaches, rodents start looking for shelter, and what better place than a crawlspace with fiberglass batt insulation under the subfloor. The little guys will get into the insulation to tunnel, nest and keep warm.


If the insulation isn’t properly installed, it’ll fall to the ground as they burrow in it and hunker down for the winter. The photo is an extreme case of what can happen when rodents party.

The inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc. are very experienced in identifying the party-goers and recommending a course of action. Give us a call today and we’ll be a party pooper.

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