What’s the Big Deal?

During a San Jose home inspection, the home inspector noted in the report that the sheetrock, drywall, or gypsum board was damaged at the garage ceiling.
Other than it appears that the drywall was removed to access the plumbing under the upstairs master bathroom bathtub… You might ask, what’s the big deal?ceiling_hole_san_jose
At first glance, it’s really just a cosmetic condition… there’s a hole in the gypsum panel. However, a certified CREIA / ASHI home inspector would note in the inspection report, that this condition was a breach of the fire wall in the house.
The purpose of a fire wall (and ceiling) is to contain a fire to the garage and to give the occupants time to escape by slowing down the progression of fire.
One of the requirements for a fire wall… is that no hole, void or gap larger than 1/8 inch is permitted. With a large hole in the garage ceiling, a fire could easily spread into the habitable house. Do your home buying clients know the condition of the firewall?
Statistically, most people store paint thinners, solvents, oily rags, paint and other flammable items in the garage. A source of ignition can come from a water heater or heating furnace in the garage. For peace of mind, hire a certified inspector at Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc.

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