Water, Water, Everywhere

Swimming in a pool is great exercise. Creating a Koi pond can bring a sense of calm to the garden, but finding water under a house is not what a homeowner wants to hear and stress levels rise.

Standing water in a crawl space or water seepage into a basement can cause frustrating problems for the homeowner or steer a homebuyer away from a sale.crawlspace water sacramento home inspection

Standing water and saturated soil in a crawl space can create undesirable conditions for the structural integrity and air quality in a home.

Problems associated with crawl space water:

  • · Uneven and sloping floors
  • · Interior doors don’t close
  • · Foundation cracks, settlement
  • · Mold growth and odors
  • · Pipe corrosion
  • · Inside air quality
  • · Air duct damage


Sources of water under a house:

  • · Downspouts discharge water next to the foundation
  • · Water overflows gutters due to clogged downspouts
  • · No installed roof gutters
  • · No installed water drainage collection system
  • · Yard slopes towards the house
  • · Over-watering the yard
  • · High water table, no installed sump pump
  • · House built on a slope or hillside


As you can see, water can be a good thing or not so good of a thing. Count on the experienced, certified and professional home inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc. to identify problems associated with water in the crawl space and for recommendations how to correct crawl space water intrusion.

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