Urge to Chew

To most people, the crawlspace is a dark, dirty and creepy area to avoid. To the home inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections, the conditions in a crawlspace can be telling.duct chewed sacramento home inspection

The photo shows an unsupported heating/cooling duct lying on the ground with a big hole in it; probably from rats that gained access to the crawlspace.

All rodents have an urge to chew, as their front teeth grow throughout their life, and are kept from getting too long by gnawing.

Once rodents occupy the inside of ducts, it becomes an unsanitary area and a possible health concern to the homeowner, when the air conditioning or heat is turned on.

Our recommendation is a review of the compromised heating/cooling ducts by a licensed HVAC contractor. Many times the repair is replacement of the ducts.

Also, a damaged duct will have an adverse affect on the heating/cooling performance in the house and on the utility bill.


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