Telltall Signs

A good property inspector is always on the lookout for telltale signs.

A door that rubs its frame… Exposed electrical wires… Loose handrails… Missing smoke detectors, etc.

High water marks under a house; usually gets people’s attention.duct - silt marks - sacramento home inspection

In the photo, the bottom of a heating/cooling duct in the crawlspace is rusted in a straight line… A telltale sign that the duct sat in water approximately 6-8” deep.

This isn’t good. Who knows what grows inside a duct when water intrudes. Can’t be healthy.

High water marks or silt marks can occur when:

– There are no installed roof gutters

– Downspouts discharge water next to the foundation

– There’s a negative grade (the yard slopes towards the house)

– A surface drainage grate becomes clogged during a heavy rain

– A water supply pipe leaks or breaks

The source of the water accumulation under a house should be identified and steps taken to minimize water intrusion.

Count on the experienced and certified property inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections to report all telltale signs.

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