Everyone wins with a Listing Inspection

                                         Put More Money In Your Pocket



Regardless of the marketplace, it’s to a seller’s advantage to perform a professional pre-sale or listing inspection.

A listing inspection will put more money in your pocket, facilitate a smoother transaction put potential buyers at ease, reduce negotiating points, and bypass annoying delays.

Supplemental disclosure provided by a seller’s listing inspection encourages trust between the buyer and the seller, and sets a positive tone for escrow.

In today’s market, if there’s been a listing inspection, repairs made, accurate pricing, and the house staged to show… the odds are the house will sell quicker. Get the jump on your competition with a listing inspection today.” – Pacific Coast Inspections

Sellers Win star2 Buyers Win star2 Agents Win star2 Brokers Win

• Get the edge on other listings • Fewer negotiations after the offer
• Positive sales strategy • Allows seller the option to correct a defect
• Allows seller time to price a defect • Reduces stress during escrow
• Helps in setting a realistic asking price • Fewer cancelled escrows
• Helps support the asking price • Less wasted time and efforts
• Encourages backup and multiple offers • Defines “as is” for an informed offer
• Provide supplemental disclosure • Reduces fear of the unknown
• Reduce the sellers liability • Builds client/agent rapport
• Pre-empt buyers’ objections • Fewer “Failure to Disclose” claims
• Builds buyers’ confidence • Eliminates surprises
• Seller keeps more money in pocket • More satisfied clients = More referrals


Listing inspections and pre-sale repairs can speed home sales by as much as 30%.
• Fact: It’s cheaper to fix a deficiency before the sale, than to negotiate the price down.

It’s been suggested that for every $1 of identified repairs, the buyer would be looking for double that in price reduction. For example, paying as much as $5,000 to repair a leaky roof before putting a house on the market is cheaper than having to lower the selling price of your home by $10,000.

• Spending $300-$600 for an inspection is worth every cent and can keep thousands in your pocket.