Not Pretty at the Top

The inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc. climb onto roofs (provided it’s safe) to determine the condition of a roof. This was a 10 year old, heavy-duty ‘presidential’ composition shingle roof.roof ridge san jose

The slope of the roof (the field) was looking good, but at the roof ridge, every shingle was deteriorated.


Because ridge-cap shingles cover the peak of the roof, where two angles meet, they play a critical role in keeping rain and melting snow from leaking into the house… And because ridge-cap shingles are bent over the roof, they can deteriorate quicker than the rest of the roof surface.

To compound the deterioration, this shingle manufacturer created ridge-cap shingles by laminating two shingles together and folding the shingle in half before bending down on each roof slope.

When a shingle is folded, it creates stress fractures in the shingle surface… Now throw in the wind, the rain and the sun’s UV rays, you have a recipe for deterioration.

Count on the knowledgeable, experienced and certified home inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections for a comprehensive report on all roof conditions.

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