Not a Tap Dance Step

There’s a term used when two electrical wires are connected to a single circuit breaker lug called ‘double-tapping’.double tapping home inspection

For most home inspectors, double-tapping or double-lugging is one of the top observations found in electrical panels.

In the photo, there are 4 pairs of double-tapped electrical wire.

What’s the problem? It’s not allowed. Only 1 wire should be connected to any single circuit breaker lug, Double-tapping can cause one or both wires to have poor contact and/or cause circuit overloading.

What’s the correction? Contact a licensed electrician. The electrician’s options for repair include ‘pig-tailing’ the wires, connecting one of the wires to a spare breaker, installing a new circuit breaker, installing a larger electrical panel.

You can count on the home inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc. not to tap dance around their observations… Reportable conditions are always identified, discussed with the homebuyer, and a recommendation made for correction.

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