No Heat in the Living Room

Crushed or disconnected heating/cooling ducts are discovered more often than you think in the crawlspace under a house. This condition always affects the air flow through a duct.crushed duct san jose 3

Why is this? Usually one word: lazy. For some people crawling under a house, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Crawling 20 feet in one direction to get around a duct and then back 20 feet, isn’t an option for some.

Ducts are required to be supported off of the ground in the event there’s water intrusion. Depending on the duct diameter, the clearance between the bottom of a duct and the ground may be only 4 inches.

Today’s heating/cooling ducts are made from light-weight materials that are flexible… which allows easy installation of the ducts under beams and around support posts and plumbing pipes as shown in the right side of the photo.

It’s the flexibility of the duct and the clearance either above or below a duct… That tempts some people under a house to take a shortcut. Of course stature and size of people probably factors into the equation… And a decision must be made: Do I go over the top or under the duct?

Count on Pacific Coast Inspections home inspectors to make the right choice.

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