Mother Nature vs. Man-Made

Composite decking made its debut in early 1990. The original composite decking was made from a combination of recycled plastic milk jugs and old shipping pallets. It was an environmentally solution to using wood in deck construction.sacramento-home-inspection-deck

Trex was an early innovator and still is one of the leading manufacturers of composite decking that can take the abuse of Mother Nature. Along the way there have been imitators that have produced decking that doesn’t hold up to the solar UV rays.

During a San Jose home inspection, I rounded the back of the house and couldn’t believe my eyes… the steps leading up to the backyard deck and most of the deck surface was completely deteriorated. The deck was constructed in 1995.

There is something to be said about redwood decking vs. composite decking. The man-made decking can never compete with the warmth and beauty of Redwood. The early hype about composite decks being maintenance free is now billed as low maintenance. Composite decking needs cleaning more frequently. Composite decking does cost approximately 30% more.

You can count on Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc. inspectors to thoroughly inspect decks to ensure they meet today’s construction requirements.

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