Makes You Wonder

The crawlspace… You know it as the dark, creepy place under the house, filled with spiders and other critters.crawlspace shoes san jose 3

For the plumber, the electrician and the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) contractor… It’s the shallow unfinished space beneath the first floor to provide access to the plumbing, wiring and heating/cooling ducts.

Home inspectors love crawl spaces, which is why they save crawling under the house usually as their last inspection step. Put a group of seasoned home inspectors together and ask them what they’ve seen in crawlspaces.

They’ll tell you they’ve seen it all… the water, the mud, snakes, skunks, rodents, raccoons, termite tubes, small carcasses, rotting wood, rusted floor furnaces, plumbing leaks, disconnected ducts, abandoned electrical wiring, rodent nests, etc… And now, a pair of shoes sitting in the middle of a 2000sf crawlspace in San Jose.

What happened? Do they belong to the plumber, the electrician, the HVAC contractor or the previous home inspector? What did they see that made them jump out of their shoes? … It makes you wonder.

Don’t wonder about the inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc… When they inspect crawlspaces, you will receive a comprehensive report with photos of what they saw under the house; So that you can see what they saw.

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