Little White Block
More people are injured by trips and falls, than any other hazards. Most homeowners don’t give stairs a second thought, but the certified home inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc. do.stairs offset trip livermore

Step height can be too low or too low. Steps can be loose, damaged, or missing. Handrails at stairs can be too wide, too short, too low, damaged, missing or loose. Guard railings can be loose, damaged, climbable, missing or the spacing between the vertical components too wide.

Just when the experienced inspector thinks he’s seen it all… a little white “block” is observed at the top of the stairs in a Pleasanton home.

The white block is the top of a stair stringer that was cut incorrectly during installation.

What is a stair stringer? It’s the structural member (the sides of the steps), which supports the thread and rise of the steps.

What’s the problem? A person coming down the stairs can trip on this little white block… And now you would know the rest of the story.

Count on the experienced home inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc. to identify health and safety conditions requiring attention during a home inspection. Wherever your clients take you, we’ll be there.

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