Ledger Who?

What the heck is a ledger bolt anyways? A number of our agents and clients have asked us this question over the years and since we all know a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s just say ledger bolts is what should have been holding up this deck cover at a recent home inspection.no lag bolts

The ledger board itself, is the board that attaches to the wall, and we most often see them below decks and at patio covers. Many are not bolted, all of them should be and the fix is really quite simple.


Lag bolts at 2 foot on center driven through the ledger board and lagged into solid framing behind is the common application.


Keeping our clients safe and informed is the single most important thing we do at Pacific Coast Inspections. You can count on the experienced and certified home inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections to let you know if your deck and or patio cover is properly secured.

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