It’s Nesting Time

The cold weather is here and rats, raccoons, possums, mice, squirrels, birds, bats, and other rodents sometimes find their way into attics.

Attic insulation makes a very cozy home (nesting material) for many animals and rodents, which usually becomes contaminated with animal-rodent droppings and urine. Insulation that becomes torn or damaged no longer has its proper R-value and may contain harmful bacteria. The heating bill may increase as a result of damaged insulation. House mice often tunnel and nest in blown-in insulation within wall spaces and ceilings. These activities result in the compaction, destruction, removal of insulation and de-contamination of the attic space.

Rodents will chew through wood, plastic, PVC or PEX pipes, roof underlayment, rubber, electrical wiring, fiberglass insulation, and paper with great ease. The threat to electrical wires is a serious fire-hazard. Many unexplained house fires are attributed to rodents in the attic. rats chew insulation san jose 3

Why do rats go into attics? There 3 common reasons:rats-chew-insulation-san-jose-3

1) Warmth – When temperatures drop, rodents seek a warmer environment.

2) Mating opportunity – Nothing attracts a rat like a rat. Rats carry a scent and other rats are driven to join others in an attic.

3) Safety – Attic are free of predators and like other animals, rats avoid danger by seeking shelter.
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When a certified Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc. home inspector identifies rodent or animal activity in the attic, they will recommend further review by a licensed pest exterminator company. Professional exterminators typically remove contaminated insulation, rodent droppings and animal waste… They disinfect and clean beams and joists with veridical disinfectants… And some companies fog an attic with a special enzyme-based cleaner that kills germs, bacteria, and parasites, which also destroys any organic matter, such as urine or animal oils. In addition, bait boxes are set and attic entry-points are sealed.

Schedule home inspections with a certified and insured Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc. inspector… Your home-buying client will be glad you did.

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