It’s in The Bag

At first glance, the wall at the front yard seemed out of character… It looked like bags of concrete had been stacked to form a retaining wall.concrete bag wall pleasant hill 3

And so it was… bags of concrete were used like bricks. Note the lower half of the wall was done in the past and only the dried concrete was showing. This homeowner wanted to make the wall higher… Easy, stack additional bags of concrete.

After a little research, it turns out that stacked concrete bags are a quick and cheap way to construct a retaining wall. After soaking the bags of concrete with water, the concrete hardens in a couple of days, and the paper bags are removed.

Maybe not the best looking wall, but it is durable and cheap. Home Depot sells a 60 pound bag of concrete for $2.67.

Once a wall is finished, you can purchase moss and/or ivy and a little potting soil into the gaps to disguise the wall even more. With such a porous surface, moss or ivy will take hold and quickly cover the wall.

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