Horizontal Stucco Cracks

It’s not every day that you see horizontal cracks in the stucco siding… But it’s more common than you think on older houses where the stucco material was applied over the top of the foundation.horizontal crack sacramento home inspectionhorizontal crack sacramento home  inspection

The top of the perimeter foundation is just below the ventilation screen seen at the right side of the photo. In the past, the stucco was plastered on the house walls and continued over that part of the protruding (stemwall) concrete foundation.

The flexible house wood framing sits on top of the rigid foundation.
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Along comes Mother Nature who generates an earthquake; and depending on the direction of the earthquake energy, an earthquake ‘rolls’ across the surface causing the house walls to move back and forth in relationship to the stemwall foundation.

As the house walls move, the stucco siding may crack horizontally. The home inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc. will also look under the house where the horizontal cracks are… And make recommendations for follow through in the inspection report.

At Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc. we understand people’s concerns when they see cracks of any kind in a house, and we’ll take the time to talk to your home buying client about the conditions on the property.

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