Picture a house built on a steep hillside… The home inspector standing in the bedroom looking at the closet doors… And the floor feeling sloped from right to left. What do you see at the sides of the closet doors? To the inspectors … Continue reading

Is your Home Inspector Certified & Insured?

Is your Home Inspector Certified and Insured? Home Inspectors in California are not regulated therefor licensing is not required. Only certifications are available in California. Being that there is no licensing involved, insurance is not regulated or required as well. … Continue reading

Crispy Floor Joists

Crispy Floor Joists Monday, 11 March 2013 12:13 The inspector was in the crawlspace of a 4,424 sqft house built in 1979 that was being put on the market for sale. Under the living room, he did a double take, … Continue reading