Duraflame Log

While Duraflame™ pre-fab logs burn long and relative clean, they do produce a wax-like build up that sticks to everything inside your chimney. This substance coats your flue tiles, lining, damper gears, chimney cap, everything… just like soot from regular wood burning.duraflame logs

It’s a fact that…

… if unseasoned or wet Mother Nature wood is burned in the fireplace, soot and creosote can buildup in the chimney flue… creating a potential fire hazard – a chimney fire.

Pre-fabricated burning logs (Duraflame™ for example) are as much of a fire hazard as regular wood, if the chimney is not maintained regularly. If you’re burning pre-fabricated fire logs, don’t think they burn so cleanly that you don’t need to have your chimney swept.

The bottom line: If you use a wood burning fireplace… Clean the chimney every year, regardless if you use Mother Nature wood or pre-fabricated fire logs.

Count on the inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc. to inspect your fireplace and to recommend further review by a qualified fireplace specialist, if there any conditions in need of attention.

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