Dangerous Ducts

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has estimated there are 15,000+ fires associated with clogged clothes dryer lint ducts.lint duct termination

The danger lies with the clothes lint that builds up – most often inside the lint duct between the clothes dryer and the exterior vent. Lint can smolder from the hot air of a dryer and possibly catch fire.

Red flag: your clothes take a long period of time to dry and come out hotter than usual.


Count on the experienced home inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections to look for the many signs which can be corrected and possibly prevent a fire in the house: Excess lint behind the dryer… Lint duct too long… Lint build up in the duct… Disconnected lint duct… Too many elbows/bends in the lint duct… Crushed lint duct… Wrong lint duct material… Missing lint duct… Damaged lint duct… Vertical lint duct… Flexible lint duct through wall/floor… Plastic lint duct.

You hear this often: “The washing machine and dryer are staying with the house.” Wouldn’t you want a Pacific Coast Inspections home inspector to look things over in the laundry area to see if there’s a dangerous duct?


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