Crutch Power

After a few thousand home inspections, it sometimes begins to look routine… That is until we encountered this mobile home creatively using crutches to support the awning.crutch support

At first glance, it looked a little odd… But, what does one do with their crutches when they’re not needed anymore and you don’t have an attic to store them?

After looking a closer, it was revealed that the top part of the crutch had been bolted to the awning framework and that a single screw was installed up through the handrail and into the crutch tip… And voila, a support “post”.


More than you want to know, but there are 5 types of crutches: Forearm, Underarm, Strutters, Platform, and Leg Support… This homeowner used the underarm crutches, which are the most common type in U.S. and are used most often by people with temporary disability or injury.

Since antiquity humans have fashioned support devices to hold themselves up when they became sick or injured. Evidence of support devices dates to 2830 B.C. A carving on the entrance of an Egyptian tomb depicts a figure leaning on a crutch-like staff.

Crutch design has evolved from the basic “T” used by Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol, to aluminum braces with ice-gripping tips or energy-storing tips that function as shock absorbers—kind of like Air Jordans for the injured.

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