Concrete Crackes. A Big Deal?

What causes concrete to crack? In simple terms, concrete surfaces can be affected by shrinkage, settlement, frost heave, heavy vehicles, tree roots or poor installation.driveway cracks-sacramento

Home inspectors always seem to be reporting that cracks were noted in concrete flatwork: driveway, walkway, sidewalk and/or patio. Is this a big deal? Well, yes and no.

Concrete cracks in the surface are considered cosmetic. Cracks are sealed for two reasons: to keep water out and to improve looks.


It’s when the concrete surface lifts or settles on one side of a crack, that home inspectors looks a little closer. This condition is called an offset (a difference in height on either side of the crack).

For most building jurisdictions, a one-and-a-half inch offset is considered a potential trip hazard and a possible liability for a homeowner. This can be a big deal.

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