Can a Photo be Worth 1000 Words?

Sometimes the home inspector discovers more than one condition requiring attention from a single photo.over-notched

  • A 10″ floor beam supporting a 1986 house subfloor had been over-notched to accommodate a drain pipe from an addition… Not to mention that the cut end of the beam wasn’t supported with an added post and pier. This can affect the condition of the floor above… such as a sagging floor, a floor that deflects when walked on, cracks may develop in a tiled floor, or cause a door to rub its frame.
  • The 4” ABS plastic drain/waste line didn’t have support straps as required; this could lead to a sagging pipe at a fitting/connector resulting in leakage.
  • Also, the ABS pipe was manufactured by Spartan Plastics between 1984-1990, which had a history of cracking and failure; and was involved in a class action lawsuit.
  • The water supply copper pipe wasn’t properly supported which can be problematic too.
  • There’s an electrical cable laying on the ground, which is subject to mechanical damage from service people moving about the crawlspace. Cables and wires should be secured to the support framing above.

When hiring a home inspector, it’s a good idea to recommend an inspector with experience, who’s certified and insured and will provide the homebuyer with a comprehensive report and peace of mind.

If you’re a homebuyer and wonder what’s going on under the house you’re contemplating buying… And you live anywhere in Northern and Central California… Consider calling Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc… You’ll be glad you did.

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