A Toilet Seat Saga

Once upon a time in a San Jose house, the original bathroom vinyl flooring was replaced with beautiful ceramic tiles; and a shiny new toilet was installed as part of a remodel in 1995.toilet subfloor sacramento home inspection

Toilets are installed using a wax ring between the toilet base and the waste pipe floor flange.

A toilet wax ring is pretty much described by its name. It is a 1-2 inch thick ring of wax about 6” in diameter. The toilet wax ring works by forming a water/air tight seal between the base of the toilet bowl and the floor flange.

A 1” thick wax ring is used when the top of the floor flange is level with the floor surface or sits on the floor.

Installing ceramic tiles around an existing floor flange increases the floor surface approximately ½ inch above the floor flange… Now a thicker wax ring is needed to ensure a water tight seal.

Without a proper seal, water seeps around the waste pipe and is absorbed into the surrounding floor… See photo. The result is repairs costing several thousand dollars, when the wrong size wax ring ($3) was used.

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