A Sign

Merriam-Webster: Definition of SIGN: 6b – something indicating the presence or existence of something else <signs of moisture>crawlspace mushrooms sacramento home inspection

Every so often, home inspectors encounter mushrooms in damp crawlspaces.

When water seeps into a crawl space for many reasons, it creates the perfect environment for mushroom spores to begin growing, if present.

For the inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc… it’s not uncommon to identify several other property conditions (signs) associated with mushroom growth:

No gutters… Partial gutters… Clogged downspouts… Downspouts terminate next to building… Negative grading… Walkways slope to foundation… Poor yard drainage… Crawlspace ventilation… Bio-growth under house… Sprinklers… Hillside… Leaking pipes… Sump pumps… Cellulose debris… Vapor barriers, etc.

You can always be assured that the experienced inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc. will look at ALL signs during their home inspections.

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