A Sight to Behold

It was a quiet neighborhood on this beautiful sunny day. The older house had been completely upgraded: new roof, new stucco, new kitchen and bathrooms.electrical mast sacramento inspector

As one of the seasoned home inspectors from Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc. was inspecting the roof… he first noted that the spark-arrestor/raincap assembly was absent from the top of the front chimney flue; as the chimney chase had been re-stucco’d.

As he walked up the roof ridge and down the rear roof slope with eyes focused on the condition of the roof… it was then that the inspector looked up to view the incoming electrical service cables.

Just when you think that you’ve seen it all and then some… There was a spark-arrestor/raincap assembly sitting on top of the electrical service mast… Really?

The response from the PG&E representative on the other end of the phone was: “What?”

You can always count on the certified and seasoned home inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections, Inc. to include all the ‘sights to behold’ in their comprehensive inspection reports… with photos of course.

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