Fireplace Saga

burnt sub floor sacramento home inspection

As the inspector began the inspection he noticed that the chimney vent and cap on the roof might have been installed incorrectly. That was mental note #1. First he inspected the exterior and then the roof. When the roof was inspected along with all its components, he verified that the chimney vent and cap did not meet current standards in terms of clearance. The inspection continued like all others.

Once the home inspector entered the interior, the fireplace was inspected. All components were inspected with the exception of the actual bottom portion of the fire box due to a large amount of ash obstructing the view. That is mental note # 2. The hearth, screen, doors and the visible portions of the fire box looked like many that he had seen. But still, something didn’t seem right based on the vent pipe termination. The home inspector was thinking that the installation of the fireplace might not have been installed by a licensed chimney / fireplace contractor.

After the interior and attic was inspected, off to the crawlspace inspection. As the inspector entered, things looked just like many other crawlspaces……..dark, dusty with a spider web here and there. Plumbing and foundation looked fine. Once under the fireplace area as he looked up and could not believe what he was seeing, the sub floor was burned in several places below the firebox. The next fire in the fireplace could have been the last. We recommended a licensed fireplace contractor further review and informed all parties that the fireplace should not be used until the defects were corrected. You can always count on the experienced and certified home inspectors at Pacific Coast Inspections to crawl the entire crawlspace and report the findings accurately.