Remember Coffee Cans?

Remember Coffee Cans?
Sunday, 13 January 2013 17:21

What do coffee drinkers and home inspectors have in common? They both get a high… Coffee drinkers get the caffeine kick and home inspectors get excited when they observe the creativity of homeowners.duct coffee cans san jose  duct coffee cans san jose

We were crawling under an house last year, and spotted an older heating duct that had been given new life. Metal ducts will eventually corrode especially when there’s moisture under a house.

A little research showed that West Coast Coffee company is a wholesale coffee roaster and distributor out of Portland, Oregon; which explains the large bulk coffee cans used to patch the corroded heating duct… just the right size.

Count on the certified home inspectors of Pacific Coast Inspections to bring a little ‘buzz’ to your client’s home inspection report.

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